What is the operating mechanism between thought and action?

And how it affects our lives?

The operating mechanism between thought and action is emotion.

Without emotion, thought cannot be put into action. Just think about what you do during the day, how fast you do it, and with what kind of attitude you do it. You’ve probably seen people who, before they do something, start complaining, moaning, and groaning. As well as others who perform activities with a smile and interest, and some even with enthusiasm, like children.

I guess you know how emotions affect our physical condition. The mechanism is as follows: thought, through an emotional impulse, affects the system of glands that turn the emotional impulse into action.

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One can be chronically angry or chronically apathetic, and one’s behavior in all areas of life is the behavior of that emotion.

If the chronic emotion is fear, one is worried about making decisions and about making mistakes, one wants to be right. The influence of emotions is transferred to his communication with others, to his health, to his behavior in a group, to absolutely everything in life.

The behavior of man in all spheres of life is the behavior of his chronic emotion.

That is why we say that emotions are a great indicator of a person’s well-being and a factor for his success.

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Source: Handbook for preclears, by L. Ron Hubbard