About us


We live in a fast-changing world where online media is reshaping family values ​​at a speed that has never been seen before. Due to the dynamic of busy daily life and the stress over time, as well as the abundance of so-called information, family members find it difficult to find the right methods to improve their family life. This leads to confusion about issues related to family, youth education, school, work, etc. Families are split up, young people are being individualized, the level of education is going vertically down, not to mention the detrimental effects of modern drugs being marketed.

Therefore, it is important that we can maintain our integrity in our own values. And that’s where New Generation Family is intervening. By strengthening the family and its members by educating, training and providing a friendly arm when needed.


Our Mission : To contribute to improving understanding, care, communication and education in the family and among its members, and to prevent the ravages of people through drugs and alcohol. We promote educational campaigns and research programs related to the development, analysis and evaluation of current theories and practices to assist families.

We do believe that ,

we help increase the understanding, love and well-being of the community by improving the quality of families and its members.

Our priority

We raise the awareness of the need to care for the future of families and their members.

Our aspiration

We contribute greatly to family improvement.

Do you like our cause and want to join our team?


We organize various activities such as preparation of seminars, courses and training. We regularly organize work and sectorial meetings at which families pave the way for additional opportunities for collaboration on various projects, while enhancing social relationships.

The activities of the New Generation Family Foundation focus on three interrelated program areas:

  • Educating family members to increase communication, understanding, love and care in one family.
  • Educating young people about the importance of lifelong learning and morale.
  • Drug and alcohol prevention and guidance towards the rehabilitation of the addicts in a NARCONON Center.


The founder of our organization is Monique De Clerck. At an early age, she realized her true calling – to help families and young people to create a better life. Having been a victim of drug addiction more than 30 years ago, she initially focused on drug prevention and addiction rehabilitation. Across Europe, she informed thousands of family members and teachers of what drugs really are and how they can destroy a family. For over 30 years, Monique has given training wherever she was, around the world. Her mission is to help families and children to be happier by helping them to see solutions in order to restore value to love, communication, parenting, raising children, and also to help to prevent drug addiction, as well as to guide families in the case of a close addicted friend. Thanks to the New Generation Family Foundation, Monique helps parents, teachers and young people to obtain information and tools in various aspects of their lives. “Having had the great opportunity to experience significant and fantastic changes in my life by applying the tools described in the books of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, I am proud and honored to give others the opportunity to know these tools not only useful and practical but vital for a better understanding of life. “- Monique

The New Generation Family team is here to really help you to give you a greater value of life. Welcome!