Transformational Marathon

Unbind your potential and change your life

Is it possible to be happy?

Our main problem in life is happiness. All of us had the goal of being happy and cheerful about existence. We look at people around and say “well, nobody could be happy in this place”. How can anyone be happy, when actually he can’t have everything he wants? When he is unable to do all the things he likes to do.

The truth is that all happiness you will ever find lies in you.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you looked at the day and it was a very beautiful day? Several years later you wake up and the day isn’t a very beautiful and happy day. What changed? The world is the same. Probably it was you. The day you stop building your environment and gracing everything around you with magic and beauty, things cease to be magical and things cease to be beautiful.

15 videos which will improve your life

Why some people have got more luck in their life? What is wrong and right? Are you making the right choices? Why don’t you have what you want to have? Is it possible to overcome stress and burnout? What is emotional intelligence and how it can affect your life? Who is this person in front of you? Have you ever talked to someone and felt like you spoke a different language? Have you ever said something with good intentions and came out as a complete catastrophe? Have you ever had your words twisted and misunderstood? Do you feel that sometimes it is hard to achieve understanding with others? Maybe sometimes you don’t get what you want? Why is a relationship in the begging so exciting but after a while, it becomes nothing special and sometimes even unhealthy? What is the reason for failure?

Use much more from your mental potential!

Intelligence, self-esteem, and general well-being can be magnified!

Are you shaping your life or is life shaping you?

What will you get from the training?


How to raise your energy. A formula to lift people’s mood when they are in negative emotion. How to control your emotions and those of others. The main factor that stops positive thinking. How to love yourself and increase your confidence. How to make your decisions work for you.

Handling Problems

Understanding human nature and why we do so. A magical way to solve a problem. The power of being right. Dealing with criticism. How to recognize if the person is disingenuous. What our happiness depends on?


The importance of your integrity in setting prosperity. What kind of thinking attracts prosperity. The laws of attraction. How to be self-motivated and how to motivate others. An easy method to free your mind. Formulas for success.

Handling People

Specific steps to become a magician in communication. Ability to control the way of communicating with others. How to create an agreement. How to influence others to gain understanding. Creating a harmonious relationship. What to do if you don’t have a partner yet? How to “see through the mask” of people.

Bonus: How to learn everything (applicable also to children) and how to raise a child so that he has good emotional growth.


Marc De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 25 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He helps people to reach their full potential and to have a better life.

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Price for the transformational training: 77 € instead of 214€

It’s worth a thousand times that if you put it into action.

Create a life of focus, purpose, and mindfulness, using this training program

What people say after receiving this transformational data:

You made me look at the people around me differently, whether they are my family, my friends, or colleagues. I never thought, after all, how useful you can be when you recognize the emotion in the person and make him go to a higher level. I tried it. This is something amazing. Thank you!

A. Yordanova

I am impressed by these practical solutions. I know what to do now. This training answered so many questions.

G. Spisarovsky

I am so excited about what I heard, that I will share this information with my husband so that we can together transform our lives and our relationship.

M. Koleva

Your new life awaits you!