What is intelligence?

I guess you’ve met people who are erudite and educated, but you’re surprised to find that their intellect disappears in an instant when the situation becomes critical.

This is because intelligence has nothing to do with how lettered you are and how well you can replace Google on every topic. No, intelligence is how well you can solve problems. The world is full of omniscient, and a few people really act the right way at the right moment.

Intelligence is the ability to comprehend, set and solve problems.

from the book Dianetic – L. Ron. Hubbard

As one of the coaches, of the New Generation Family, likes to say – Confront, decide and act, the faster you can do this the more intelligent you are.

Confront – to stand facing or opposing, especially in challenge, defiance or accusation.

There are pitfalls here too. The human mind loves to play games. To confront something actually, you must be able to face it without reactions dictated by the past. Imagine what a solution would be that, based on reaction instead of analytical thought.

To understand me better, I will give you a concrete example. Imagine that one of the partners has experienced a relationship in which he was unappreciated and as a result – rejected. He has not “cured” of this painful experience (i.e. does not know the real reason why he was rejected) and continues with this trauma in a new relationship. However, another problem arises in this new relationship and his new girlfriend says or does something very similar to his ex-wife. Instead of confronting the current problem, he confronts and responds to past ghosts. As a result, he repeats, “I’m not needed, what am I for, I’m nobody, I’m a failure.” And maybe he’s right, but the problem is quite different, and these answers are not solutions to the current problem, they don’t even correspond to it. These are just reactions to a past problem. That’s why the key word is confront.

But something can be done even in this case. We are talking about solving problems and creating the life you dream of in this transformational marathon.

Author: Nevena Topalova