Webinar “Control Emotions”

Dear Friends,

  • Emotions are an integral part of life. We act or react to them at all times. And sometimes we act in a way we don’t like ourselves! Wondering how to improve this?
  • Why is absolutely okay to be sad or angry?
    How to be positive when it is not easy?
  • It is not new to say that when a person is happy, he is healthier. In fact, some emotions create disturbances not only in the attitude but also in the physical condition of the body. Emotions affect our health, the situations we encounter in our life, our relationships with others, and our satisfaction.
  • How do emotions impact life satisfaction?
  • How to manage emotions so that you achieve happiness in life?

If you are interested to get an answer to some of these questions we have good news!

Something can be done!

Sign up for the webinar and declare your happiness using emotions!

During the workshop you will learn how:

  • How do emotions affect our body and health, and what can you do to increase your energy?
  • The influence of emotions on our life perceptions and beliefs.
  • Ways to control your own emotions and understand the emotions of others.
  • How to achieve a better understanding of the people around you and how to understand yourself better?
  • How to quickly create positive energy and attitude?
  • The difference between momentary and constant emotions and how they can be useful in your life.
  • The relationship between stress levels and emotions and how to reduce anxiety.

End Result:

Participants will gain a better understanding of their own reactions and improve control over their emotions, which will bring more harmony to their lives. They will receive tools that will show them how to see through the mask of people. They will not be affected and irritated so much by others. They will understand how emotions can bring prosperity to their lives. What to do to improve their health and reduce stress through the use of emotions. Understanding emotions means understanding life.

Trainer: Monique De Clerck

моник_де_клерк, идеас_българия, Марк_де_турк

Monique is a Belgian international trainer with 30 years of experience, having trained hundreds of families and kids on topics like understanding, communication, education, drug prevention, and recently on love.

This training is based on the book “Self-Analysis”, by L.Ron Hubbard



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