This Can Change Your Life, It Changed Mine

I will give you a lovely quote that turned everything upside down when I heard it. And at that moment, that was the greatest thing that happened.

So let’s make the suspense shorten the quote is: “Who is mighty? He who controls his own mind”.

Indeed, the quote showed me that I have to put the quality of my life and my happiness in the first place. It shouted, “YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON AND THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TIME IN HIS LIFE! Time! Don’t waste it on unfortunate days! Take care of yourself!

How to handle problems at home?

From that moment on, I haven’t stopped to improve myself and to know more because knowledge gives you understanding and control.

I have never seen a happy person who has been fully controlled by the environment, but I have seen happy people who controlled the environment. Yes, control gives you more freedom, and yes you better adapt than to be adapted. Because of conquering life, you become stronger and more yourself. Do you think you can be happy if you are playing as if you are not yourself only to have the possibility to adapt yourself to something, in most cases, you don’t even like? So, know more in order to increase your control.

Do you know that others somehow have control over us even if they don’t say a word. That is called emotions. Do you know that understanding emotions give much more control, so much more happiness? Oh, yes. I found that in a hard way.

I advise you to take control and change your life for good! Learn how emotions rule your life for you!