Short Funny Movies Made During The Lockdown

разболяваме децатаYou can enjoy the short movie which we created during the lockdown to smile people.

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You can read here below how we help humanity

  • We help kids with education in schools, and groups (parents, women) in different locations in Bulgaria and other countries.
  • Delivering free web lectures on the topics of narcotic substances, and their effects and prevention, inviting experts to talk about the effects of narcotic substances to an international audience: from Belgium, France, England, Dubaï, Senegal. Result: raise awareness about the real effects of drugs, especially cannabis.
  • Free lectures about Relationships, Marriage, How to live with kids, Study barriers, and web lectures about the same subjects during a pandemic.
  • Translation of informative booklets on prevention, printing, and distribution in Bulgaria (10.000 booklets distributed): lots of people have gotten the truth about it.
  • Free lectures to teachers about the Study Barriers and the solution: result: important tools for better education in the hands of more teachers and students.
  • Free lectures to Happiness Foundation (orphans and less able kids) during a pandemic.
  • Families helped to better communicate with their children and in some cases, the child sent to a Narconon rehab center