Free webinar “How to raise children without clipping their wings?”

How to live with children and how to bring them up?

  • What can we do to ensure that children have proper emotional growth?
  • How to not kill childish curiosity and joy in life?
  • How do we bring them up so that they are not spoiled and asserted at the same time?
  • Is it better to give kids total freedom or the opposite, to use strict discipline?
  • Should we control them or not?
  • Where are the boundaries?

These are very relevant questions to which we will answer!

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What you will learn:

– What to do to make the child feel that you are available to him?

– Which rules apply to the behavior of the child?

– When to use strict discipline and when not?

– For self-determinism of the child, meaning and how to achieve it?

– How to learn a child to lead and determine their own actions?

– How to make him a responsible person? Reactions and education about the possessions of the child.

– When should we break the freedom of the child and interfere?

– How to give the child stability and confidence so that it feels like part of the family?

Trainer: Monique De Clerck

Monique is a Belgian international trainer with 30 years of experience, having trained hundreds of families and children on topics like understanding, communication, education, drug prevention, and love.

Find out how to bring your kid up!
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When: 26th of October, 2022, from 19:00 to 20:00, Bulgarian Time

Where: zoom

Based on the book NEW SLANT ON LIFE

What people say about this webinar

If I can describe in one word the result I see from the admiration trick is that children shine and try to do more and more.


I applied the admiration that evening and the child did everything I wanted.


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