How To Get Through Anything In Life

when you are sad
when you are sad

This is the thought you are looking to hold on to when you are feeling down. The one that helps you see the beauty of sunrise and sunset again. The one that gives you hope that better days are coming. Because bad days are not eternal. That thought that is known to everybody, but somehow unconscious. We realize it only when we see it materialized before our very eyes. One day I got insight into this thought. At that moment, I hugged my children tightly and felt such enthusiasm and urge to enjoy the miracle called life, and just minutes ago I was on the wave of my monotonous daily life. At least that’s how I felt seconds before the insight. This insight brought me gratitude.

This thought helps me get through any difficult period. Of course, when things are not as we want them to be, it is not easy to continue with a smile. Difficult time shows us 2 types of people . Those who shrink in the corner, feel sorry for themselves, suffer for a long time and do not intend to leave the shell of suffering. The others are the ones who are suffering, but they are looking for a way to get out of it and to continue despite the difficulties.

What helps me when I feel blue is the familiar thought that I will not come out of this life alive.

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And when I’m down, I repeat this thought, so that I don’t waste time in self-pity, self-blame, sadness. It helps me not to waste time in low emotions. It activates me to get through the sadness faster.

What is happening to you now will not matter in a year, therefore you will not be so affected of it. So don’t take life seriously, because you won’t get out of life alive.

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