Free webinar “Effective Communication”

  • Did you know that 80% of your success in your professional and personal life depends on the accuracy of communication?
  • Just remember how much nerves and energy you lost the last time you had to clear up a misunderstanding with your partner or your kid!
  • Do you know that problems in communication between people are the main cause of stress?
  • Can you assume that you use the laws of communication to perfection and in every situation, you are strong and confident?
  • Can you imagine winning discussions and staying friends with the other party? That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Stop spending nervous and time on bad communication! Something can be done! Communication is a manner that has its own rules and formula!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What communication really means
  • When does the real communication start
  • Which “ingredients” do you need to have a real communication
  • What is the beautiful trick making another understood

When: 21st of September, 19:30 – 20:30 Bulgarian Time

Where: online on zoom

Trainer: Monique De Clerck

Monique is a Belgian international trainer with 30 years of experience, having trained hundreds of families and kids on topics like understanding, communication, education, drug prevention, and love.

The webinar is based on the books “A New Slant On Life” and “Problems Of Work”, by L.Ron Hubbard

Learn how to communicate effectively

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