Help your child to love to study and have a bright future

Do you want your child to love to study?

Find out the biggest secret why a child doesn’t even want to hear about learning

This online webinar is specially designed for parents, future parents, and teachers, as well as for anyone who wants to get better, improve, or learn new things.

This course is useful for all ages from 6 to 96 years old

Your Child:

  • Doesn’t like going to school?
  • Is it difficult to learn?
  • Is “hyperactive”?
  • Have difficulties to read?
  • Is easily distracted?
  • Doesn’t like to study?

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This practical information comes from the efficient Technology of Study, by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in the arts, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines.

Using these approaches, no matter what the skill levels of the child or yourself on topics you would like to master, you can change your thinking and your LIFE achieving amazing results.

If you are already an expert, this course will give you ideas for turbocharging successful learning, including tips to help you make the most of your tasks and problems.

You may have difficulty learning or applying knowledge. With this webinar, you will see a structured treasure trove of practical techniques that will guide you through what you need to do to achieve your goal successfully.

If you have ever wanted to become better at something, this course will help you as your guide.


  • How to be conscious in the present moment;
  • The purpose of learning;
  • What are the two barriers to learning that make them reluctant to learn;
  • What are the 3 learning barriers that make children lose interest and not understand the subject;
  • How to tell when the child does not understand the material;
  • Solutions for overcoming each of the 3 learning barriers
  • How to help your child deal with these barriers;
  • Learn the real reasons why children face these barriers;

Trainer: Monique De Clerk *.

Monique is a Belgian international trainer with 30 years of experience, having trained hundreds of families and kids on topics like understanding, communication, education, drug prevention, and recently on love.

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