Phenomenal Communication Drills That Will Change Your Life

Give me 3 days and I will make you the best interlocuter

  • Did you know that 80% of your success in your professional and personal life depends on the accuracy of communication?
  • Just remember how much nerves and energy you lost the last time you had to clear up a misunderstanding with your partner or your kid!
  • Do you know that the problems in communication between people are the main cause of stress?
  • Can you assume that you use the laws of communication to perfection and in every situation, you are strong and confident?
  • Can you imagine winning discussions and staying friends with the other party! That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

If you are:
– A person who has got problems communicating with others;
– A person who has difficulties to negotiate and achieve success through communication?
– A person who has to deal with negative people
– A person who is easy agrees with others even when you have a different point of you.
– A person who is anxious or worried, and uncontrollable in “difficult situations” of communication.

Stop spending nervous and time on bad communication! Something can be done! Communication is a manner that has its own rules and formula!


1st day:

  • 4 viruses in communication that stop you to give over your communication and to be right for your idea – Negative opinion, Fixed Ideas, Rumors, “I know everything” mentality.

As an outcome, a person becomes amenable and produces 4 viruses in communication, which prevents him from properly sending information and showing the rightness of his idea to others.

  • Tone scale of Emotions – How to know and control the emotion of the others; – How to communicate in any situation without the effect of negative communication; – How to bring people and ourselves to levels where there are rationality, understanding, and the possibility of agreement.
  • The triangle of UNDERSTANDING – the formula for building understanding, without which it is impossible to reach an agreement.
  • The only and unique Communication Formula – the Formula for Real Communication; Principle of melting ice – Interesting / Intrigued;
  • You can be right – Higher communication – The art of seeing rightness in the other person without denying yourself. The ability to convey information that the other party agrees with without feeling defeated.
  • Admiration – The universal “solvent” of negative attitudes with which to reach understanding.

2nd day – Phenomenal DRILLS :

Communication exercises with increasing degree of difficulty in 8 phases:

Phase 1 – “Presence in the present moment with closed eyes”. If a person does not learn to simply be present at the beginning of ANY communication, he will not be able to start it properly.
Phase 2 – “Presence in the present moment (Confrontation) with open eyes” – The ability of the communicator to feel comfortable in front of any interlocutor – The lack of skill for real confrontation is a barrier to any communication and ESPECIALLY negative communication.
Phase 3 – “Chasing the bull” – Achieving the ability to sit in front of someone without reacting to what the other party does or says – positively or negatively.
Phase 4 – “Bringing a message to the other” – Acquiring the ability to send a message to the listener and he understands it.

3rd day – Phenomenal DRILLS:

Phase 5 – “Confirmation” – Acquiring the ability to give a complete confirmation so that the other party can feel satisfied with the fact that they have received and understood the message and that there is no need to repeat it.

Phase 6 – “Semi-confirmation” – Acquiring the ability to encourage someone to keep talking.

Phase 7 – “Getting an answer to a question” – Acquiring the ability to get a clear and accurate answer to a question.

Phase 8 – “Coping” – Building the ability to deal with objections, comments, criticism, problematic situations and continue the conversation to the desired end.

End Results: 

  1. Be able to confront and control any type of communication;
  2. Achieving a higher operational level;
  3. Better control over communication with people around you;
  4. Increased stability in difficult and busy situations;
  5. A better understanding of your ideas, tasks, orders, and advice to people and gaining the skill of how to make people more intrigued by them;
  6. Improved ability to neutralize negative communication and negative emotions and the ability to not be affected by them;
  7. Maintaining a good mental state even after dealing with different types of difficult people and in critical situations.

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