Free Training “What Are Drugs?”

What are drugs? What would you say to your kid or others about that?

If you can answer this question with an answer different from that: they are bad for your health, or something like that, this is great!

Then the next question is: why?

A large number of parents and caregivers are unaware of what exactly are drugs. When you don’t know something exactly and you try to speak with this to your kid, you give an unclear picture of drugs, which may not prevent him from taking them.

Just telling your kids that drugs are bad is not enough. Knowing why they are bad and being able to explain it simply to a kid will help to make that subject of drugs, more simple and understandable.

Therefore we will conduct a free online lecture on the 1st of April at 19:00

Trainer: Monique De Clerck

моник_де_клерк, идеас_българия, Марк_де_туркMonique is a Belgian international trainer with 30 years of experience, having trained hundreds of families and kids on topics like understanding, communication, education, drug prevention, and love.

Children are our future! Let us protect them and make sure they have a bright future!

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