Is peace in the family during quarantine possible?

Stuck at home – Survival Guide

We are under quarantine.

This is the situation, whether we like it or not. And with the quarantine, there are new challenges that even the most predictable strategist has not prepared for.

On the one hand, the anxious feeling of being trapped in your own apartment could be quite depressing. On the other hand, being the whole family at home, every day all day, without being able to go out could also not be easy. The stress of looming danger – both health and economic, makes it much easier for us to get nervous and we start to let it out towards the people around us – the ones we love the most.

We all know the old saying “My home is my fortress”
But what should we do when the fortress becomes a prison?

  • How can we manage our emotions in such a situation so that our loved ones do not get hurt?
  • How do we get out of the inevitable quarrels that separate us, instead of uniting us?
  • How can we not “break” our children, who are also hostages at home and have nowhere to pour all this energy that boils and steams in them?
  • How can we not ruin our relationship with our partner?
  • We have created “New Generation Families” because we care.
    After all, family and children is one of the pillars on which our entire lives are built.

    And because we really care we stand next to you, stronger and more motivated than ever,
    because “a person is as valuable as he is able to help.” – L.Ron Hubbard

    Emergency times require emergency measures (the word game is intentional), so we have created a series of training that will be delivered live online every weekday so that we can give you many simple but very workable tools that will not only deal with the situation, but also get the positives out of it and make closer the relationship at home even long term (even after the quarantine is over).

    Module 1 “Dealing with a Dangerous Situation and achieving understanding” (Monday)

    In this module, we will look at the basic rules for how to maintain self-control and good resilience when facing danger.

    Module 2 Emotional Stability ( Tuesday)

    In this training, we will look at the different emotions that people are experiencing, and give you the right tool to help you and your loved ones maintain the necessary emotional stability.

    Module 3 “Good communication in the family” (Wednesday)

    In this training, we will look at the basic principles of good communication – one that is based on understanding and where none feels unfairly accused or hurt.

    Module 4 “Living with children at home” (Thursday)

    In this training, we give the much-needed advice on how to treat children, when to apply discipline (to let us work alone, exercise after ourselves, sit down to study), how to use and promote the good in them.

    Module 5 “How to improve your relationship with your partner” (Friday)

    In this training, we provide the magical tool that will help you deal with the criticism you receive from or exchange with your other half and begin to build a relationship based on love, mutual trust, and respect.

    We start daily at 3 pm and end at around 5 pm. All the training will be recorded and you will be able to receive the video after.

    The price of one module is 70 euro, and for the five – 290 euro

    For all those who have completed all five modules of training, we have the opportunity to offer individual assistance in the form of one-hour coaching, assessment of personal qualities and the book “A New Slant on Life” for 99 euro.

    Monique is a trainer with 30 years of experience all over the world. Its mission is to help families and children be happier by providing solutions to improve love, communication, parenting, child education, drug prevention, and addiction management. Through the New Generation Family Foundation, Monique gives parents and young people information about the help they can get in every aspect of their lives.

    *The training will be conducted in English with translation into Bulgarian.

    Don’t allow the quarantine to destroy the relations in your family!
    Turn the disadvantage into an advantage!

    We can help!

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