The most important steps in raising a child

At some point, each of us wonders if he/she is a good parent. That’s why I decided to look for more information regarding education and possible basic rules to raise full-fledged people.

There are basic and very important steps in raising children that help parents to become more confident. This is shared by the coach of “New Generation Family Fondation” – Monique De Clerk. She quotes author L. Ron Hubbard to show how children should be perceived.

“A child is a man or woman who has not reached his full growth and development.

Monique talks about basic but very important 5 steps, which she presents in detail, with examples on the online webinar “How to raise children without clipping their wings?”.

5 important steps in raising children

  1. Any law that applies to the behavior of a man or woman applies to children. For example, we see one adult hitting another, we are not standing indifferent, we will try to stop him. This applies to kids. If the kid decides to hit his brother, we must intervene and stop him. We have to show him that this is not right.

2. The child has the right of self-determinism

self-determinism – the ability to direct and determine one’s own actions

Make sure that the child has some space of his own in which to feel free, and you know that nothing can hurt him there.

3. When you give (gift) something to a child, it is his. It’s none of your business!

When you receive a gift, you have it as you wish and no one guides you and controls you how to use it. You are responsible for what is already yours. This should be the case with the child’s belongings.

4. Let the child contribute to you

Let him give his share for the fact that you take care of him. Let him help you.

“One feels capable and competent only as long as one is allowed to contribute as much as one has contributed to him.”

5. The child needs security

Part of that security is understanding. Part of it is the code of behavior, which is unchanged. Parents have rights and the child needs to know this. The child aims to grow up. If the adult has no more rights, why should the child grow up?

Source: Book New Slant on Life.

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